Mama always says “Be good you kids, It’s all fun and games until someone loses an eye.” Wish I had listened to that truth. The story goes like this, while dancing with friends one Pirates of Penzance themed Halloween party, I slipped on a hardwood floor and hit a red glass of wine with my face and I did lose an eye. As a professional visual artist I quickly realized this was not so good eh!

I went from business owner, detailed and pixel sized computer graphics specialist and painting the ceiling of the Hard Rock Cafe in the Cayman Islands to not being able to see the screen even worse I couldn’t find the canvas.

So after tons of tears cried alone in the dark, I reached out into the light and with God’s will, lots of prayer, positive energy and believing I would see again no matter what! 2 years later, 4 very painful surgeries, 2 Amazing Doctors and their teams I went from zero sight in my left eye to 80 percent with color and depth of field. As the great Dr. Kelly put it. “Stephen, You and I both know something more then medicine happened here. You went from one of the worst eye trauma cases I’ve ever had to being the one with the best results.” I told him “he was a great Doctor”. “not this good” he replied.

This I when my Mom broke her silence and spoke through her tears. “more like a miracle” He smiled.

With that news I got back into life, dancing like a fool, goaltender in hockey, playing drums and painting with all my heart.

I saw more in life with one eye than I ever did with two. I’m back Baby!

What did I learn? How did I get there?

It’s Simple always be grateful for what you have and say so.

Thank You! Thank YOU! THANK YOU! and smile

as God’s grace fills your heart.